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We breed the world's best pigs and had the highest SPF -X status since 1984

Optimised breeding with the best animals

​Sølvbakkegaard is a breeding centre in east Jutland with long-term experience within the field of pig breeding. We have more than 1,000 Yorkshire sows, and we supply gilts and AI boars to pig producers in both Denmark and abroad.

Our customers are so satisfied with the results they achieve with our animals that they come back to us year after year.

We enjoy a reputation for supplying healthy, strong animals, laying the foundations for optimum breeding conditions for our customers.

It is for this reason that quality, health and well-being are our key focus areas, and we take great care with all aspects of the breeding work. We are a part of DanAvl, and since 1984 we have had the highest SPF-X health status.​


In our brochure you can read about us and our bred pigs.

Sølvbakkegård I/S

Tustrupvej 5​

8585 Glesborg​

Phone: 20 46 38 10 ( Peter Kejser )

CVR: 28211058​

CHR: 92486/95916

Djursland bank:

- Reg: 7320

- Account: 0001112601​

Sølvbakkegård Opformering ApS

​Rødeled Vej 23

8500 Grenaa​

Phone: 20 46 38 10 ( Peter Kejser )

CVR: 33957378

CHR: 95873/111800

Djursland bank:

- Reg: 7320

- Account: 0001317705​